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You've already asked a lot of questions, some of them are answered below. Do you want to know more? Ask at


1. Does the platform charge a commission on transfers?


We do not charge any fees for individual transfers. Our platform is based on a subscription model.


2. Can I add a player without status?


When you add a player to the platform, you must select their status. We know from experience that there are no players that cannot be sold, there are only too small offers, therefore there is an option "ASK FOR PRICE".


3. The subscription price is per calendar year or one year from a purchase? We count the year from the moment of purchasing the subscription. It always includes two transfer windows, but talks and negotiations can last all year round.


4. What is the Marketplace?


The marketplace is the place where highlighted ads are added. Are you urgently looking for a player with specific parameters? You upload a player's profile and other clubs themselves propose their players to you.


5. Is there a fee to add a player to the platform?


It costs nothing to add players to the platform. Each club on the platform can search for them using the search engine. Once they find a player, they can write to the club that owns the player.


6. Is there a limit of players I can add?


There is no limit to the players you can add to the platform.


7. Does the trial period oblige me to purchase a subscription?


After the trial period is over, there are no obligations, and players and the club will automatically disappear from the platform. If you decide to come back to us after a month or two, you lose nothing and recover your existing data.


8. Will I make a transfer without a manager thanks to 321 Transfer?


We believe that direct communication is key to making fair transfers, verifying the market, and having reliable information about players. Managers are the representatives of the players and they represent their interests, so we provide a tool to serve the clubs in the aforementioned matters.